Friday, December 11, 2015

Should You Upgrade to Windows 10?

Buckeye PC - upgrades WindowsWhether you have a new PC or are looking for a reliable operating system for your current machine, Windows 10 can be a suitable upgrade for you. Microsoft rarely disappoints when it comes to operating systems so it’s worth trying out what Windows 10 has to offer. Here’s what you should expect when you decide to upgrade to Windows 10.

A combined start screen and start menu

One thing that you will clearly notice with Windows 10 is that they have a start screen that is very vibrant. The Start Menu is more or less the same as the one on Windows 7 but it also combines some features of Windows 8. The start menu is not just beautiful and colorful but also resizable and you can access so many windows from this point.

A different control panel

The control panel hasn’t changed much over the years but there is a slight difference in Windows 10. You can tell that there are fewer items on the settings provided in Windows 10. You can access the control panel from the settings window. The settings window basically allows you to control everything.

Multiple workspaces

Windows 10 has a unique feature that allows you to connect to a virtual desktop and choose any of the two from the screen. It is such a useful feature for anyone planning on using virtual desktops.

Virtual personal assistant

Windows 10 has a popular app that is built in the operating system known as Cortana. This virtual personal assistant allows you to interact with the machine using your voice. So you can use your voice to play music, search for things online and other basic activities with a Windows 10 operating system.

The edge browser

Edge is a brand new browser build in Windows 10 and it comes with some really nice features. Not only is it fast, sleek and effective but it also allows you to browse the web with so much ease. As you search the web, you can get information from popular sites like Yelp and Bing Maps. You can also use different reading views to go from one site to the other.

Popups and notifications

Windows 10 has an Action Center where you can get notifications of useful information. This Action center has quick buttons which you can use to activate functions such as connecting to a wireless or shifting the tablet mode. It really takes usability and easy access to a different level.

Got problem updating your system? Contact the Ralegh computer repair experts. Get in touch with us here at BuckeyePC today!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Why You Should Hire a Professional to Repair Your Computer

Team of construction workers working with DELETE button on a computer keyboard

Technology drives most of our lives today. It is almost impossible to imagine surviving a week without your PC, laptop or tablet. So when your gadgets break down, you need to get them repaired as soon as possible. You may have a couple of tech-savvy friends who can offer to repair your gadget for a free lunch. Sounds like a tempting offer but when you think of all the important data you may lose, it is best to work with a professional.

Saving your important data

Your gadget probably holds years of priceless pictures and videos that you would not want to lose, or your latest school assignment, research paper… saving important data is one the major reasons why you need professional PC repair Raleigh NC. The repair company can help you salvage and back up your data from a broken down PC. In fact it is a standard of service for most repair companies to back up the data in the computer memory before beginning repairs, in case of any unforeseen challenges.

Saves you time

Trying to figure out what the problem is may take a great deal of time to the inexperienced eye. Professionals on the other hand have enough experience and training to troubleshoot problems with your computer within a short time. They can help you save time on repairs especially when you have deadlines to meet and you really need your PC to be in perfect working order ASAP.

Tips on how to prevent damage in the future

computer upgrade memoryYou have probably undergone basic training and are proficient in using a computer. But there are so many functions to your computer that you do not know about. The professional computer repair technician can help you avoid problems in the future by giving you simple tips on computer use. You can learn how to control power supply to your computer, scan and prevent viruses, identifying suspicious files and many other tips for your PC.

Can handle a variety of problems

Professional computer repair in Raleigh can handle a variety of challenges. From virus removal, data backups, fried motherboards to simple diagnosis, professional computer technicians can handle a variety of repairs. A skilled technician will handle your PC with the care and respect you deserve as a client and ensure you get back your PC in good working condition within the shortest time possible.


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Speakeasy speed tests and new modems

Great early mid-morning Raleigh! Yuppers, had the friendly Time Warner Cable guy right here at my house workplace in Raleigh. He was a really friendly helpful individual called Reginald. Silly modem/router has actually been bouncing for the last 3 weeks and often knocking me offline for approximately 30 minutes at a time. When you live on the web, that is an eternity.

All connected once again with a smokin’ hot brand-new digital modem/router and it’s knockin’ those specs well.

Get a modem speed test from TWC at

Naturally, I likewise utilize – a good third party take on that modem speed.

Why You Ask?

speedtest-speakeasy-272x300So why would I use a second test you ask?  I just have a lingering feeling  that if a TimeWarner website for THEIR customers detects a TWC IP, then it may provide a somewhat inflated reading. Seriously, I’m NOT jaded. Well, possibly a bit. Well, all right, color me jaded … BUT, they came out very similar.

What’s coming down the pike?

Chatted a few minutes with Reginald at the end.  Did hear that they are taking a look at topping out cable digital modems at a cool new high – 100 Mbit. That’s as quickly as our LANs were moving just a few years ago… AMAZING. Though that is the download speed. I think for home use, they have it as high as 10 Mbit today, however the tech indicated he thought that would also be increasing. Not that I effectively think that I require that much more. Going from 1 Mbit to 5 Mbit was an incredible thing – and is about all I require right now. Regardless, it’s just amazing to think that we will have that kind of speed.  I remember sitting watching my 9600 bit modem downloading a file and taking several minutes to download a file of a few K.  Wow.  And now I’ll be able to work almost like I’m sitting on a LAN? Yowsa.

How about AT&T

Spoke to a buddy last night who was really strong on the AT&T Uverse things though. Stated it simply blew TWC away on lots of fronts. Really well may have to check that out a bit more. I believe the girlfriend chatted with Time Warner Cable on the phone (when it was working) the other day, and got my bill to about 200 or so per month. From exactly what my pal showed, he’s got considerably more service for about half that price. Of course, that can likewise be an introductory offer. Had to do a little digging on that. I think a huge piece of my expense is the prolonged service adn all the digital boxes around your house. Don’t actually even HAVE any premium networks in that bill. DO have phone, cable and the high speed web. You ‘d think for a couple hundred dollars, you may have more channels just out of the “Seriously, I pay you over $200 a month – do you think maybe I can get a premium channel included there just as a thank you ??”.

Cryptolocking Ransomware – Good times. Not.

Moneypak Virus

NOT entertaining. Ransomware. There is an increasing number of customers that call nowadays about ransomware virus attacks on their computers. Knock on wood, only one of our computer repair technicians has truly run across this specific virus in actuality. All others have been the more normal FBI virus variety of malware which can be resolved pretty fast.

Encrypting Technology

Resolving or repairing the cryptolocker virus? Not so much. Not only is it not a fast solution – there ISN’T one. The long of the cryptolocker virus is that what it actually does is use encrypting technology to encode the software files on your hard drive. The only way one can access these files is to decrypt them with a special “key”. While a lot of people see this and legitimately USE this form of technology to shield those files on their own hard drives, when a program, such as this one, does it for your files… The huge thing is that the files are only able to be be encrypted with a key (string of characters – a LONG sequence of characters) and thus to UNencrypt those files, you need to have the same key. Since you weren’t the one to DO the encrypting, and thus have NO clue what the key actually IS, you also can’t do the UNencrypting since you’ve no clue what the key actually is. Just the hackers do – and it is going to cost you to gamble on paying them to see IF they’re going to really decrypt those files.

As an aside, since we get way a lot of customers that have a real issues just keeping up with their e-mail password, using disk or file encryption technology has to be SERIOUSLY contemplated and thought through before actually doing it even in conditions that are legitimate. Email passwords can be reset. Encryption keys like this can’t be reset. If you encrypt your disc and then don’t have any hint what the key is – there is NO “reset” on that. Your files are eternally locked – which is the actual goal of this kind of encryption anyway – NO unauthorized access – including you should you forget that key.

Payment often DOES get your files back

>It looks like those files are really regularly decrypted by the ransomware folks and turn your computer back. At least often enough to make it a worthwhile risk to pay the blackmailers. Think about it, if paying the ransom had a 0% chance of getting your files back – people just wouldn’t do it period. Some of you may pay and get absolutely nothing, but is access back to your files worth a few hundred dollar gamble? Don’t know. If you have your hard drive loaded with all the documents, pictures and more that comprise your whole life – as a lot of people do – is a payment of a few hundred worth it? Only you know in your case. If it’s just a cheesy laptop that you didn’t have much on to begin with – maybe not. Either way, you pay your money and take your chances.

There is no “fix”

This is simply not something a computer repair business can mend. Your choices are restricted. IF you have not been negligent with copies, it is possible to quite maybe restore or recover the files prior to being encrypto-locked. Think about it like this – your file is essentially set inside a brick that takes a special tool to crack. How will you get through that brick? It’s frustrating as you can SEE the file, but just can’t get to it. That special tool is going to cost you – and may or may NOT operate correctly. It’s not like you can phone your attorney and sue an anonymous international hacker for this kind of thing. You pay your 300-500 dollar ransom and just hope that it turns out right. And THEN make sure you’ve got appropriate backups going on. Expensive lesson yes, but… If there are no backups floating around anywhere? You’re entirely hosed.


Using good common sense is the best defense that you’ve got. That and a good antivirus software and knowing your computer. There will USUALLY be opportunities to put the kibosh on this or any virus before they get into your computer. They’ll occasionally conceal themselves in emails enticing you to just open a zip file that claims to have advice about a program that can’t be delivered to you. Hey hold it. DID you actually order anything?? And would FedEx or UPS really HAVE all those misspellings in their email? Great common sense is CONSTANTLY a must-have when it comes to your computer. Some you may be unable to see so easily – like web site drive by infection. Viruses can be embedded in web site code to drop a virus and hence infect your computer. With a good AV in place , hopefully these will be captured before they get a toehold in your hard drive. If your computer starts slapping up windows, or just generally behaving crazily – disconnect from your network pronto before anything else can be downloaded BY the virus into your computer. Call a computer repair company. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT jump into stopping and restarting the computer over and over again thinking this might help – it will NOT. It will only likely GIVE the virus an opportunity to get further and further into your computer.

Here’s the article for more info…

Hackers ramp up computer attacks that demand ‘ransom’ – USA TODAY Wed, 14 May 2014 20:38:43 GMT

Hackers ramp up computer attacks that demand ‘ransom’USA TODAYHackers operating on the Internet’s “Dark Web” are spreading a new, more sophisticated generation of the malicious software known as “ransomware,” anonymously shaking down anyone with an u …

Read more …

What is your Registry?

Need a Raleigh Registry Tuneup?A registry repair cleaner, often just called either registry repair or registry cleaner, is a program that fixes the errors in your computer’s registry. The registry is like the brains of your computer. When you install a program on a computer running Windows, the important information about its configuration is stored in the registry for the computer to refer to again and again. When things go wrong there, a registry repair cleaner fixes them.

If your registry disappeared completely, your computer couldn’t work. So when an error occurs in your registry, strange things can start happening with your computer. A registry repair cleaner is often used because the computer is running very slowly.

Sometimes, speed isn’t the problem as much as programs that freeze, won’t run properly, or lose data. Errors in the registry often will affect only certain programs because somehow that program’s registry entries became corrupted.

Sometimes the problem is more widespread, though. Errors in the Windows registry entries of programs that are vital system programs can cause serious problems, like the entire system freezing and crashing. Errors in the registry can gradually become so bad that the computer won’t even start up properly.

A registry repair cleaner program can help prevent the more serious problems stemming from registry errors. When the first problems show up, using a program designed to fix the Windows registry can find the errors and repair them so the computer runs correctly.

But if a problem arises with just one program, or when you try to do just one certain thing, and isn’t fixed, it can grow into a bigger problem. Because there is one error, that means the likelihood of more errors is even higher.

Errors usually occur when a program is being uninstalled. All of the files are often not removed properly, and end up cluttering the registry. When your computer runs, it constantly pulls information from the registry. Eventually, enough stray files are left behind that the clutter makes it difficult for the computer to pull out the information it needs.

That’s the chief cause of a computer slowing down because of registry problems. And there’s really no way to prevent those files from being left behind during an install. So running a registry repair cleaner at regular intervals should really be considered part of regular computer maintenance.

Even if the computer doesn’t slow down, often those cluttered registries will start to produce runtime errors, and missing or corrupted DLL errors. These can also occur if the uninstallation of a program removed a file that’s vital for other programs to work. Usually the program gives you the option of keeping those files, but sometimes they’re removed, causing problems.

A registry repair program can detect if you’re missing vital files, as well as removing those files that are corrupt, old versions of new ones, or not needed at all. Most registry repair cleaner software will even scan first for errors and tell you how many there are before it starts repairing them.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Extending the Life of Your Laptop’s Battery

Over time, your laptop’s battery loses its ability to hold a charge. This means that even though it is fully charged, the actual amount of power it can hold is going down.

Some of the telltale signs that your battery is deteriorating are shorter use times, and shorter times to recharge. If you notice the amount of time you can spend unplugged is going down, your battery has most likely lost a lot of its ability to hold a charge. If your computer turn off or hibernate unexpectedly even if the battery meter shows ample capacity remaining, then your battery is in really bad shape.

Battery deterioration is inevitable, but you can definitely slow it down.Here are some ways you can extend the life of your laptop’s battery:

  • Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for charging and maintaining your battery. Only use a charger and power cord provided by the manufacturer.

  • Don’t let your battery get too hot or cold. Most laptops have lithium-based batteries, which should be kept in temperatures between 50 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot battery is a sign of problem. It is one common sign that the battery isn’t working properly. When you notice that your battery is getting too hot, stop using it right away.Ensure that your battery is not exposed to extreme temperatures as batteries work best at room temperatures.

  • Don’t keep your computer plugged in all the time. The best way to use your laptop’s battery is to discharge and then recharge it accordingly. Never let your battery run down before you recharge it. And if you’re like most people, you probably keep your laptop plugged in when you’re at work or home. Stop doing that to your machine as it is not good for your battery. Once your laptop hits 100 percent, unplug it.

  • Be cautious of long periods of inactivity. If you don’t use your PC’s battery for long periods of time, then ensure it has around a half charge. A depleted battery can die for good if not recharged soon enough. It is best to keep using and properly charge your battery.
  • Pay attention to hibernation modes. Ideally, your laptop go into hibernation mode before the battery is totally drained or during downtime when you don’t be use the laptop for a while. But don’t rely on hibernation modes too much.  Constantly forcing your laptop to hibernate just to save the battery, aren’t really saving your battery.
  • Give your laptop some TLC. Take the time to care for your laptop’s battery. Take the battery out from time to time and show it a little love. Detaching your battery will give you an opportunity to clean it with a soft cloth. Make sure to get rid of any dust.

Having problems with your machine’s battery? Or perhaps unsure if it’s the battery causing the problem? Then get professional PC services in Raleigh. Call us!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Reliable Efficient Data Recovery

Recover your pictures, your financial data and moreTo a digital connected user, there can be nothing more concerning than the possibility of losing all your digital data. Many times, people have been accumulating their digital information for years. And then a horrible grating sound comes from your PC – and then absolutely nothing. Nothing will strike fear into a PC users part faster than that particular moment. Now, if you have a good back up system, you’ll just look to that to get all of your data back. In far too many cases, people discover that either they did not have the proper items backing up, or even worse, they weren’t backing anything up at all.

We can’t tell you the number of very anxious customers we have spoken to over the years who are just realizing that all the pictures they taken in the last 20 years may be gone. In the case of businesses, often all of the financial records for a company may be stored on a particular computer. If the computer goes down, all client information, invoices, Billings, payroll, and more may be gone. We have heard of many cases where catastrophic data loss has actually led to companies being forced to shut down – that’s no joke.

Buckeye PC can help both homeowners and businesses recover their data sometimes in just minutes. If it’s something more extensive, Buckeye PC can make proper arrangements to recover data from hard drives, portable storage drives, flash drives, PC or Mac, and even disk arrays. Call Buckeye today to learn more about our data recovery services in the Raleigh NC area.

Despite there being different support media like floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, thumb drives (aka pen drives, flash drives), etc, there is no absolutely foolproof solution. With the introduction of portable hard drives, many hope the search for the PERFECT solution that’s portable, affordable, hardy and sufficient for large capacity portable storage has finally been met. Currently, anyone who is set on data backup and storage only speak in terms of a portable hard disk drive. A portable hard drive is extremely versatile and will work awesomely for traditional data back up as well as to transport movies, documents, etc to a friend’s house or such.

Flash drives are typically lightweight and come encased in plastic bodies, which will make them an easy task to transport. The only part exposed may be the USB connector. They can be used on any computer or device with a USB (Universal Serial Bus) port. On the other hand, dvds and floppy disks are compatible with systems which have either CD drives or floppy disk drives. They are also faster and hold more data.

Portable hard disk drives can be found in multiple configurations along with several capacities. In fact one can possibly even locate a portable hard disk drive with the capacity of a terabyte and larger which truly is incredible and reveals all possibilities for storage of information. It is fairly easy to mount  the portable hard drives to a computer system but when you’ve got one of the large storage capacity drives, it can be mandatory to have a powered hub or, most often, a specific power supply for it.

Customers throughout the Raleigh Triangle area can feel confident that BuckeyePC will do everything possible to fully recover and restore their data. Customers in Garner, Knightdale, Raleigh, Smithfield, Clayton and beyond can contact Buckeye anytime for a a good honest assessment of the situation. There are some cases where it WILL end up being fairly costly to recover data. In some cases, Buckeye can recover your data on the spot. Other times, it will need to be sent out for very technical work – like remounting platters on a new hard drive chassis and go from there.  Regardless, the professionals at Buckeye will level with you and let you know what to expect when you call them!

There are cases where flash drives that have been submerged in water, dried then used, are actually recognized to work perfectly well, whereas that definitely is not expected from the disk drive. Flash drives can also be rewritable, though repeated data writing and erasing might damage the life of the drive. Most drives will take up to hundreds thousand cycles of write and erase before any damage is conducted. The lack of physical moving parts implies that less energy is consumed and details are easier and faster to get into.